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InFocus has extensive experience in many different industries. Below are a few examples of our specific activities for the different branches.


Many of the medical specialists, doctors and caregivers use Sqlapius. Due to the many practices we facilitate, we have gained extensive experience in importing export from Sqlapius into Quickbooks. We assist in using the right reports from Sqlapius to gain insight into, for example, the debtors position.
Other posts that are common with medications include the insurance policies and investment portfolios that do not receive sufficient attention, making unnecessary costs.

Catering industry

There are many restaurants on the island and we have noticed that the attention in this industry for the administration is often less than in other industries. This is wrong. Monitoring the impact rates on Food and Beverage can be of vital importance to the company. Also, ensuring that compliance with the cash registration regulations is becoming increasingly important. Our experience helps to quickly and efficiently solve such issues.

Rental of real estate

The tax authorities pay close attention to this industry. Whether or not to deduct sales tax and the percentage to be used is a complicated issue for many entrepreneurs and individuals that we can solve quickly and clearly. It is often not known that no residents should pay tax on rental income on Curacao.

Free Zone, E-Zone and Export Regulations

Entrepreneurs who mainly provide services or goods outside of Curacao can use very attractive fiscal facilities. These facilities are subject to conditions which are not always taken into account, thus creating the risk that the results will still be taxed against the normal income tax rate. When compiling the (corporate) tax returns , we explicitly confirm that all conditions are met.