InFocus offers Administrative services, Salary Administration, Tax services & Business services in Bonaire, Curacao and St Maarten.


Financial reporting is growing in importance for governments, foundations and businesses. Transparency, clarity and reliability are paramount. The InFocus Assurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to carry out checks that add additional assurance to the financial statements.

Payroll Services

A part of the service of InFoucs concerns payroll. We provide payroll services to more than 200 companies. We assist and advise in matters such as labor law, such as finding out collective labor agreements, supervising discharge applications, drawing up employment contracts etc. We can also assist you with various other staff matters. Within our Payroll services we are working together with AFAS Caribbean to provide our clients with Payroll Cloud. With this partnership we elevate and digitalize our payrolling services, which benefits our clients!

Tax Advisory

Active entrepreneurs often experience how complex and comprehensive our tax system is. With tax returns, but also with issues relating to investments, acquisitions, follow-ups, mergers, restructuring, choice of the right legal form and estate planning. For the most appropriate and attractive solutions, you can count on up-to-date advice from InFocus.


Welcome to InFocus Accountants & Advisors

An experienced and dynamic office, located in Curacao and Bonaire, which serves entrepreneurs and individuals in Curaçao, St. Maarten, BES, Aruba, the Caribbean and the Netherlands.

InFocus Accountants & Advisors offers you high-quality financial services with automation and strategic collaboration as distinctive.
With innovative, online services, with comprehensive solutions for complex issues, with proactive initiatives and sincere, personal involvement. This way we create added value for our customers in these fast-changing times. Your interests are handled by a regular contact person who is familiar with your organization.

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