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The audit of the financial figures and the compilation of the financial statements are a core task, which we perform accurately, correctly and in accordance with all legal requirements.

Better insight into your financial situation

Together with you, we regularly discuss the current figures and look at all of your business figures and ratios. This way, we give you a better insight into today’s financial operations and sailing and your company’s prospects for tomorrow. We know the possibilities to improve the efficiency of the administrative organization. Together with you, we make concrete steps to increase the profitability of your business.

Always up to date

Our files are WTA compliant (comply with the Law Audit Accountants Organizations) and comply– just like our employees! – with the most up-to-date professional requirements The files are unambiguously structured so that all our employees can get the information they need. That’s how everyone is aware of what’s happening to your company. And you do not have to answer any unnecessary questions.

Accountancy Services

Compile, review and review the financial statements
Review other accounts, including government subsidies
Create and develop immediate applicable management and steering information
Interim statements
Budgets and forecasts
Advising internal management and administrative organization
Due diligence research
Corporate and personal income tax returns
Salary administration and advice
Intensive contacts with banks and Supervisory Board / Supervision
Sparring partner and sound board for entrepreneur and board of directors
Accounting / bookkeeping