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Financial reporting is growing in importance for governments, foundations and businesses. Transparency, clarity and reliability are paramount. The INFOCUS Assurance specialists have the knowledge and experience to carry out checks that add additional assurance to the financial statements.

Accountant 'plus'

A ‘normal’ audit, which leads to a statement of auditors and / or an auditor’s report, gives you and your stakeholders confidence about results. However, many organizations are increasingly confronted with additional rules and requirements. From a relationship of trust, we take care of the quarterly reports and the annual accounts, but we also assess the quality of financial processes, information flows and business processes. And we have the knowledge and integrity to advise you on this.

Putting you first

Putting you first

We believe in putting you first, always and all the time and to build a long term relation to allow you and your business to grow and flourish.

Maintaining business values

Maintaining business values

We understand that maintaining your business value is key to being successful and we are here to play a part in helping you stay true to yours.

Free initial meeting

Free initial meeting

An initial consultation and review of your business needs is completely free of charge. Guaranteed!

Due diligence

The English term due diligence literally means appropriate care. In normal Dutch, it means book research, which is conducted in particular with mergers and acquisitions. Depending on the engagement, INFOCUS experts bring due diligence to all potential risks, but also to synergies, so that you can make informed decisions about whether or not to continue the transaction.

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